Gallery: Motor Star 2-spring Rear Suspension – Fat Shock Absorber – RM118


Motor Star 2-spring rear suspension is really interesting in my opinion since it comes with 2-spring setup which I think one for the soft setup and the other one for the hard setup. When I get to see the suspension, I’m amused by the box which state ‘ Fat Shock Absorber”. Well, it really is. This Motor Star 2-spring is much ‘fatter’ than the stock Yamaha 115ZR gas suspension. It also got s that nice blue colour that really fits my Lagenda 115ZR.One of the good thing about this suspension is that it comes with 6-month warranty. That is the longest warranty I have ever seen for a moped bike suspension. I’m sure the manufacturer really trust the quality of it. I hope it really is.

You might want to know where this made, right? No worries. This suspension parts and material is sourced in Taiwan and final assembly is here in Malaysia. The price is at RM118 per pair which is good for a 6-month warranty parts. You should know that Motor Star is manufacturing the rear suspension here in Malaysia, which means that it is not being just import to be sold here. I’m now testing the Motor Star 2-spring suspension on my Lagenda 115ZR and will update you guys more about it soon. More pictures after the jump 

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  1. do let us know the report. I have YSS on my lagenda. It is so stiff and losy product from thailand . DO not buy YSS. super yucks. I may try this 2 star product

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