Suzuki’s Next Excitement – new bike on 6th May 2012 (UPDATED)

20120414-102514 PG.jpg

Suzuki Malaysia is preparing for a new bike launch this 6th May 2012. We have very little information of what would thos new bike be. Anyone with more info care to comment?

Thanks to Hasni Fitri for the tips!

UPDATE: It might be Suzuki Nex 110 as informed by Norhisham Parjoh. I agree with him since the sport rim almost the same and the name ‘Suzuki’s Next Excitement’ in the teaser.

It is still carburetor version. It got 4.8L underseat compartment. In Indonesia, the engine is all-new 113cc machine. One of the interesting feature is that it got low riding position, so it would be easy for lady riders and easy to put your leg fully planted on the road while stopping.

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