Prepare Yourself for Raining Season


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Raining season is coming in Malaysia and you as riders should prepare yourself for it if your motorcycle is the only option for your daily use. If not, you can just easily drive a car.
Here are my tips on driving on wet condition:
1. Change your tyre to a medium-hard compound with aqua channel tread pattern to disperse the water away from the rubber.
2. Test the slipperiness of your tyre by giving it a good hard brake so that you have better understanding of your tyre grip. If you are not sure, just drive slow and don’t take the risk.
3. Anticipate danger in front of you so that you are aware to pull the brake sooner since disc brake have lower grip in wet. Also, try to pull the brake few times before really apply the braking force to dissipate the water on the disc plate.
4. Prepare a full rain suit. Jacket and pants.
5. The more grip the tyre is on the tarmac, the more slippery it is on cement or tiles (mosaic) pathway. So, be careful.
6. Avoid riding on the road lines and markings since it is very slippery in wet condition. If you need to brake, stay away from it, then you brake.

That is just a little info based on my riding experience, hope it can give benefit to you.

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