2012 AGV Pista GP helmet

AGV Pista GP Helmet

Pista in Italy means track. So this AGV Pista GP is a helmet specially made for track rider. Previously, this helmet has been codenamed ‘Project 46’ with Valentino Rossi involved in the development of the helmet. This new helmet from AGV is extremely good. Here is what Rossi said about it:

“I am very happy with the interior shell”
“Great aerodynamics, it feels like I am not wearing a helmet”
“Excellent ventilation, it is really noticeable”
“Exaggerated visibility, like switching from the TV to the cinema”.

It features lots of improvement from the previous flagship helmet from AGV, that is the GP Tech. The shell for this state-of-the-art helmet is from carbon fiber which provides lightweight construction and high strength properties. The helmet is made in a process called ‘reverse engineering’, whereby the helmet is designed around the head contours of the rider. In this case, it was Rossi’s head. The visor has been improved with +15 degree opening that helps the rider to view the track better when flat out on the tank. All this without compromising the safety.

One of the concern of a rider like us is about the price. I think this one will not come cheap, maybe you need to save a lot money in long time before you can buy this. Or you can sell your bike to buy this helmet.


•  Exterior shell in 4 sizes entirely made of carbon composite fibre.
•  Interior shell in EPS in 4 sizes.
•  Shell  and  EPS  dimensions  optimized  using  the  FEM  (Finite  Elements  Analysis)

•  Designed to maximise comfort, ergonomics, safety and aerodynamics.
•  Designed to minimise interference when wearing a racing suit and protective hump.

•  IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with wide channels hollowed directly in the shell
and holes that allow direct air flow to the rider’s head.
•  Ventilation system, designed and optimized in a wind tunnel, comprising 4 front air
intakes (3 at the front and one on the chin guard) and 2 rear extractors.
•  Air  intakes  are  in  the  “always  open”  position  with  protective  metal  frames  and
meshes. Plastic caps are available for bad weather. Total surface area of air intakes
193% larger than the GP-Tech.
•  Large  rear  spoiler  optimized  in  a  wind  tunnel  to  maximise  aerodynamic
performances and ventilation also at high speeds. Spoiler designed to detach from
the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet.

•  New visor mechanism in metal with roto-translation opening. Quick release system
for tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds. Surface of the visor
mechanism reduced by 71% compared to the GP-Tech.
•  Safety  system  with  an  external  screw  attached  to  the  mechanism  base,  reducing
the risk of the visor detaching in the event of a fall. Visor front locking system that
reduces the risk of accidental opening, also in the event of an accident. Visor micro-opening system incorporated in the front locking system.
•  Flat,  non-scratch  and  anti-fog  RACE  visor  with  wide  field  of  vision,  equipped  for
tear-off strips with 100% protection from UV rays.
•  Visor, in compliance with the Class 1 optical standard, is free from visual distortion,
with a thickness up to 3.5mm for extra protection.

•  Field of vision increased by 15° on the horizon, optimized for a rider lying flat on the
tank.  Overall field  of  vision  increased  by  about  8%  compared  to  the  GP-Tech  and
the main rivals.

•  Removable nose guard.
•  Removable wind-proof chin strap protection.
•  Fully removable and washable inner liners;
•  Breathable, micro-perforated Lycra crown pad with concave 3D structure that is pre-shaped in a single piece according to the morphological characteristics of the head,
without  stitching  in  the  sensitive  areas,  and  differentiated  density  foam.  Option  of
personalising  the  crown  pad  fit  at  4  support  points,  thanks  to  inserts  with
differentiated hardness.
•  3D cheek pads in Dry-comfort with sanitizing treatment, differentiated density foam
and incorporated neck protector for extra comfort and soundproofing.
•  Inner liners covered by three patents.
•  Double D retention system.

•  Front section reduced by 3% compared to the GP-Tech. Lateral section reduced by
6% compared to the GP-Tech.
•  Weight: 1.250g (+/- 50g) for size M.
•  Sizes: XS – XXL.

You can check out more information about it here: http://www.agv.com/en/pages/display/pista_gp/index

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