Modified Honda Dream 4-valve DOHC from Vietnam – this is for REAL!

Honda Dream 4-valve DOHC from Vietnam

Kevin Le, a MM reader has sent to the MM Facebook fan page a couple of pictures about this superbly engineered Honda Dream (a.k.a EX5 Dream) with 4-valve and DOHC engine from Vietnam. I can see that this machine is using Honda CBR150R cylinder head and block attached the engine of the stock EX5 Dream machine. 

The execution of this project is very well done with the fitting of the cylinder head and block of the CBR150R looks clean and tidy. I don’t know the actual modification for this machine. If anyone knows, please comment!

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  1. We can find used CBR engine easily from Cambodia which is just 6 hours by bus my city. anyone who interested in doing the same can contact me for the engine since I send stuff to KL almost every month.

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