2012 FMH Kuasa 200cc Malaysia – RM4,995 (1st 100 customer RM3,995!)

2012 FMH Kuasa 200cc Malaysia

Made in Malaysia with many parts comes from Racing Boy. It is equipped with air-cooled 200cc engine and counterbalanced for smoother ride. This would be good for long distance riding since it will provide comfort to the rider.

There are some specs as stated in the FMH FB page below:

FMH Motorbikes Malaysia ‎: 4 Strokes, Air cooled engine, 200cc, counterbalanced engine, many parts are from Racing Boy ex: handle bar, handle grip, shock absorber and many more.

The price for the FMH Kuasa 200cc Malaysia is very cheap for a 200cc bike that is the RM4,995. That is very attractive price and this placed it lower than many bike that have 110cc capacity in Malaysia.  Check out 11 more pictures after the jump 

UPDATE (14/02/2012): Saw this in Mudah.my: http://www.mudah.my/FMH+Kuasa+200cc+NEW-13741719.htm?last=1

First 200cc bike in Malaysia.
1st 100 customer will get a factory price which is RM3995.
NO INTEREST. You pay till RM3995 and the bike is YOURS!
Customer can customize the bike before buy(Ex: change colour of sport rim, body, exhaust, absorber, handle and many more for FREE!)
Free to change to Digital Speedometer
Best bike in town. Come and have a test ride at Pulai Utama, Johor Bahru. (near UTM skudai)
contact us through our website fmhmotorbikes.com

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