2012 Yamaha Y125ZR in Blue is Coming Soon


20111221-092757 PG.jpg

BLH Motor has posted in their FB page that they are going to get the stock for Yamaha Y125ZR in blue colour soon. Previously, I was notified by rumors that Y125ZR is going to be discontinued after the launched Ego LC, but luckily all that was pure rumors. There is no plan yet from HLYM to stop the production of the one of their big seller item.

The colour blue of this Y125ZR are rumored to the limited edition WGP 50th Anniversary edition, but as BLH Motor has stated, it is only a new colour for Y125ZR that is added to the choice if colours already available which is not limited edition like what we expected earlier.
Y125ZR in my humble opinion are the best 125cc 2-stroke moped ever made. It got the style and power in a perfect balance that comes with very low affordable price when compared to its competitor. It is fast and agile added with superlight construction makes it a bike true riders and racers choose.
I’ll be writing more about this super moped after I got more pictures and more info about it.
For now, I feel like I want one. What about you, readers? ‘silalah dikomentari’.

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