MotoMalaya Limited Edition Black T-shirt (RM19.90) and Sticker (RM2.00)


UPDATE: Item is all SOLD OUT. Thanks for your support!

I had once wished that I could have MotoMalaya’s own merchandise such as stickers and t-shirts. I like to see few great t-shirt on the market which is nicely designed like the one from Shinko SR877 and Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit. I’m not sure how you, the readers, might have responded. Maybe you’ll buy, maybe you’ll not. 

The MotoMalaya Limited Edition Black T-shirt will only be printed for 30 units. Only available in black colour with sizes from S to XXXL. The second batch of the t-shirt will be in different design. So, this should be a very limited edition t-shirt. The price is RM19.90. RM5 for shipping to Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan: RM7).

Sticker are priced at RM2.00 per piece. That is my cost price and I’m not taking any profit at all for it. Postage for the stickers are free as my token of your support to The sticker are waterproof and can be sticked on motorcycle or helmet.

First ever MM sticker sticked

You can order the MotoMalaya Limited Edition T-shirt and MotoMalaya stickers by emailing me at info[a] I’ll provide the payment details after that.

Provide me this details:


T-shirt size and unit:

Sticker (unit):

Payment method: Bank In / M2U / CIMBclicks / Others

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