Lagenda 115ZR Switch Panel Is Better than 135LC

Yamaha 135LC 5-speed and Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Switch Panel

I have been using 115ZR and 135LC interchangeably in this few month, but my primary ride is the 135LC.

Every time I get back to my 115ZR after a long ride on 135LC, I feel that the position, layout and switch type of the 115ZR switch panel are way better than the 135LC.
If you look at the picture, 115ZR use a traditional signal switch type. This kind of switch is easy to be moved from left to right and also easy to push to kill the signal. The one from 135LC, for me, is not ergonomic and not user-friendly. The signal switch type is specific for this 135LC and I think it should be change next time if this bike got updated. I don’t like the center kill switch knob that protrude from the center of the signal switch. This make using it for lighting up the left signal lamp is difficult. Now, I know why sometimes riders didn’t use signal lamp when taking left turn or even right turn.
The low-hi beam switch from 115ZR are also much better than the 135LC and have better look. The low-hi switch are easy to use and sometimes you even forgot how well it is being designed since it didn’t get in your way when you want to use it. It just works.
One more nice features of the 115ZR switch panel is that there is illumination of the icon on the panel. Very good attention to detail by 115ZR designer.

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  1. chill out.,no need to be emotional here. if you fanatic with your opinion,please.!!no need to post here..,admin.,i`m totally agree and i`m notice the different between both of the model,bcoz i also own this red lagenda115z and i have a lot of experience with latest version 135lc….

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