A Very Big Thanks to QBEE Motor Group for the Sepang MotoGP Experience

K1 Grandstand ticket (RM73) + T-shirt for me courtesy of QBEE Motor Group

Here I would like to say my thanks to QBEE Motor Group Sdn Bhd, the company that brings us the Shinko Motorcycle Tyres from Korea and the BMC Air Filters from Italy, for their support to small time blogger like me. I’m honoured to have the recognition by QBEE Motor Group which has noticed the importance of Internet media such MotoMalaya.net blog. It is also good to know that Manfred from QBEE Motor Group has invited me to go to Sepang MotoGP and sponsored me a K1 Grandstand ticket. That is actually my first MotoGP experience. Usually I just sit at home at watched it on TV. I remember that sometime I need to skip class just to watched the MotoGP which happens Sunday, which is not a weekend in Kelantan! At that time, the most popular rider is Mick Doohan with his Repsol Honda livery and single-sided swing-arm. It was a beautiful bike at that time. Now, the Honda glory has been liven up by Casey Stoner who just wins the 2011 MotoGP championship.  

Manfred from QBEE Motor Group with a little gift to Taufik - TMCblog

I also got a chance to meet Taufik from the popular blog in Indonesia that is the TMCblog.com. QBEE Motor Group are good enough to present Taufik with a Shinko T-shirt.

I’m very thankful and honoured to have a support from QBEE Motor Group. Hope to have another collaboration soon!

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