Modified Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed by Racing Boy at Sepang MotoGP

Modified Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed by Racing Boy 01-FRS02V3 Fullset Footrest 135LC V3 and RB 01-ACT01 Auto Chain Tensioner

My colleague, Syed Azrinizal has sent me set of images of the Racing Boy modified Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed at Sepang MotoGP by tagging of the name in FB. We both have the same bike with same color that is black. At that time, the white LC ES was hard to find the stock, so I just pick the black one since I’m eager to get it. I have observed and checked with RB website to see what kind of parts are fitted to this LC ES and here is what I’ve found out: 

RB 01-FRS02V3 Fullset Footrest 135LC V3 - RM400 estimated

Yeah, I include the estimated price, since I think you might be wondering about the price.

RB 01-ACT01 Auto Chain Tensioner - RM100 estimated

Close up image of the footrest

Notice the chrome side mirror, brake/clutch lever set and the FG511 forged wheel.

RB 01-MCDM1 Side Mirror wih Adapter - RM190 estimated

RB 01-LV02S Lever Set V2 - RM100 estimated

RB 01-BAL3 Handle Balancer - RM60 estimated

RB 01-FG511 Forged Wheel - RM2900 estimated


RB 01-BC8P red 8-piston caliper with RB 01-DA5295F 300mm disc plate and fork stabilizer

RB01-DA5295F 300mm disc plate - RM190 estimated

RB BC8P 8-piston caliper - RM600 estimated

8P caliper bracket for 135LC - RM180 estimated

RB Goodridge G-Stop 01-BHGD01 Brake Hose Line - RM190 estimated

RB 01-STF03 Fork Stabilizer V3 - RM150 estimated

RB 01-MCVC02 Air Valve Stem. This is is attached to the tyre valve. -RM90 estimated

 Note: Price are estimation only, might be higher or cheaper.


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