Naza Blade 250 (RM14,184.88), 250R (RM16,850.50) and 650R(RM26,073.00) Brochure

Naza Blade 250, 250R and 650R are a great line-up from Naza for bikers on tight budget. The price are much affordable compared to other bikes on the same category. The specs are also good with 75 degree V-twin engine for the 250 and 90 degree V-twin engine for the 650. Front brakes comes with double disc for the R model which should helps in terms of 100-0km/h range. The front forks is upside down type which helps to minimise the unsprung weight (the weight that not attached to the chassis). Not just that, the engine is DOHC and EFI equipped. Very high specced bike for a very little price.

What do you think guys (or gals)?

One more pictures of the brochure with technical specification after the jump 


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