2012 Ducati Monster 795 Unveiled – RM59,999 OTR!



2012 Ducati Monster 795

RM59,999 for an Italian superbike is absolutely attractive. That is the price including insurance. I’m WOWed! It is not easy to find superbike with this kind of allure and history at this price point. I personally would like to thank to Naza World for being able to bring this Italian model to Malaysia. 

The Monster 795 produces 87hp (64kW) @ 8250rpm and 57,9 lb-ft (8,0kgm) of torque @ 6250rpm.


The engine of the Monster 795 is the legendary Desmodue, air cooled, Dual Spark L-Twin engine whose 87 hp gives it that unmistakable Ducati sound. Developed for an incredibly flexible power delivery, the Desmodromic engine provides enough torque to exit the most challenging of corners. The impressive torque, typical of the Ducati L-Twin engines, will excite with every twist of the throttle.

Exhaust system

The 2-1-2 catalytic exhaust system uses an efficient pre-silencer configuration with twin lambda probes providing finer fuel mapping and Euro 3 conformity. The system’s lightweight and compact design is achieved by using 1mm thick tubing and terminates in Ducati’s trademark twin under-seat, black exhaust mufflers, stylishly contrasted with great looking aluminium end caps.

APTC Clutch

The APTC ‘wet’ clutch gives a ‘slipper’ type action that prevents destabilizing of the rear-end under aggressive down-shifting and also gives the extra benefit of a super-light feel at the lever, a great benefit in stop-start city traffic or during longer journeys. The 21-plate oil-bath clutch (11 friction and 10 steel) represents a power-enhancing weight reduction over the ‘dry’ system as well as having a quieter operation and requiring less maintenance.

Lightweight crankcase

The new crankcases hug the gearbox internals much closer to create a smaller and more compact outer profile and achieve considerable weight savings over previous cases.

via: Utusan Malaysia and Ducati Monster – http://www.monster.ducati.com

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