Suzuki GW250 Hits 8.04s for 0-100km/h Acceleration

2012 Suzuki GW250 Brochure

Suzuki GW250 that is said to be the contender for Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Honda CBR250R are now making much more appearance in cyberspace. It has been released in China recently and here is the brochure. 

One of the claims that is written in Chinese might just give a meaning of the acceleration data. This bike can propels forward from 0-100km/h in just 8.04s. This number are much better than the Honda at 8.76s (0-60mph) and Ninja 250R at 10.18s (0-60mph). Note: 60mph = 96km/h. It means that GW250 is better in terms of acceleration. It can achieve top speed easily with much lower time needed.

Top speed for this GW250 are said to be at 140km/h, compared to data from MCN Ninja 250R (97.4 mph = 156,75 km/h) and CBR250R at (94.2 mph =151,6 km/h). The data for GW250 are manufacturers claim, so I think the real life data should be less ideal than that.

Source: TMCblog

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