2011 Yamaha 125Z Limited Edition – Blue Wheels with White Lining [UPDATED]

2011 Yamaha 125Z Limited Edition

We have seen the spyshot earlier. This is one more picture with better resolution. Looks like it is in display. Don’t know where this is. Hope to see this soon at GTMax Motors so I can snap lots of pictures and know the price.

UPDATED(18/10/11): 2 more pictures added after the jump

Y125ZR Limited Edition MotoGP
Y125ZR Limited Edition MotoGP

We have been waiting for the new stripe for the Y125ZR since 2009. Definitely this is a great time for Yamaha to update the sticker design (decals) of the bike. I like this one. This will be rare in few more years.

Oh, is this really limited edition or the new decals for 2011?

Thanks to Pengecat Bintang for the post at MM FB page. Original picture is from https://www.facebook.com/azrimdsaad. Additional pictures are from Sidi Mylamoc FB.


2 Replies to “2011 Yamaha 125Z Limited Edition – Blue Wheels with White Lining [UPDATED]”

  1. Harris kalau x tingal kat Sri Muda,Shah Alam senang boleh dapat Gt Max kedai kat sana sri muda seksyen 25 kalau x nk boleh cari kat sana.Saya prnah tegok bnyk cover set.

  2. Shop has been told by Yamaha Hong Leong that this special limited GP edition of Y125ZR will be coming soon by end of this year or 1st month of 2012. The price will be announced at that time.

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