Honda Gyro Canopy: 50cc 4-stroke PGM-FI

I remember seeing few of this canopy type bike few years ago. Most the canopy type bikes are from brands that originates from Taiwan, but I have seen few by the brands of BMW on the net. This is a great idea actually, since we have a lot of rainy days in Malaysia. It doesn’t catches on and many buyers of the canopy bike strand their bike at home or just sell it to workshops.

This one from Honda seems like it is for use in industrial places not on the road. It features single seater bike with 50cc engine equipped with PGM-FI fuel delivery. So much tech in that small engine. 

Gyro Canopy
Type JBH-TA03
Length (m) 1.895
Width (m) 0.660
Height (m) 1.690
Axial distance (m) 1.410
Tread (m) 0.495
Ground clearance (m) 0.085
Seat Height (m) 0.700 ※
Vehicle weight (kg) 139
Seating capacity (persons) One
* 1 Fuel consumption (km / L) 54.5 (testing at constant speed 30km / h)
Minimum turning radius (m) 2.0
Engine Type TA03E
Engine Type OHC4 valve liquid-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder
Total displacement (cm 3) 49
Bore × stroke (mm) 38.0 × 44.0
Compression ratio 12.0
* 1 Maximum output
(KW [PS] / rpm) 3.4 [4.6] / 7,500
Maximum torque * 1
(N · m [kgf-m] / rpm) 4.4 [0.45] / 7,000
Form of fuel supply Electronic
Starting method Self (Onsite kick)
Type ignition system Full transistor type battery ignition
Lubricating method Expression pumping and splash
Fuel tank capacity (L) 6.8
Clutch Dry multi-plate shoe expression
Transmission format Stage motor speed (V-Matic)
The first speed gear ratio 2.950 to 0.815
Reduction ratio (primary / secondary) 3.500/4.083
Caster angle (degrees) 27 ° 00 ‘
The amount Trail (mm) 62.0
Tire (Front) 100/100-12 62J
Tire (Rear) 130/70-8 42L
Brake type (front) Mechanical leading trailing
Brake type (rear) Mechanical leading trailing
Suspension system (front) Bottom-Link
Suspension type (Rear) Unit swing equation
Frame format Underbone
Remarks –

Application for type approval numbers by the Road Vehicles Act ■ (seat height is measured Company) Honda Motor Co. / Manufacturers ■

* 1. Maximum power and maximum torque is the net value. “Net” and is measured at approximately the same conditions with the vehicle while the engine.
2.. The value of the fuel consumption rate under prescribed test conditions. Your environment (weather, traffic jams, etc.) and method of operation, vehicle status (with specifications), maintenance, etc may be different.
※ This specification is subject to change without notice.
※ PGM-FI is Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a registered trademark.

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