2012 Honda Supra 125X Helm In Launched in Indonesia

2012 Honda Supra 125X Helm In Launched in Indonesia

Honda Supra 125X is also known as Honda Wave 125X in Malaysia. The 2012 version of this Supra in Indonesia has been named Honda Supra 125X Helm In. One of the most important feature of this bike is the availability of big capacity underseat compartment that is enough to fit helmet in (hence the name ‘Helm In’). Not just open face helmet, but the full face helmet can fit too! Other than the underseat compartment, the fuel tank capacity also has been enlarged to 5.6 liter! That is very large. Before this, the largest capacity fuel tank for bike under 125cc 4-stroke bike is held by Modenas CT110 at 5.3 liter which can bring the bike up to 250km in single fuel tank fill. This Supra 125X Helm In can extend that range all the way up to 287 km for the same single fuel tank fill. More information about the fuel efficiency data here.

The brakes also got upgraded to feature front and rear disc brake. Both are single-piston caliper equipped by Nissin. I have heard rumors that Boon Siew Honda Malaysia are going to replace the 125cc bike in their offering with new model. Some people say that it might be the Honda CS1, but this Supra 125X Helm In is also 125cc. Well, we just need to wait.

PT Astra Honda in Indonesia also have released the official pictures and colour offering. It is available in 4 colours that is Majestic Red, Legacy Green, Luxurios Gray and Royal Blue. 

Honda Supra X Helm In - Legacy Green

Honda Supra X Helm In - Majestic Red

Honda Supra X Helm In - Luxurious Gray

Honda Supra X Helm In - Royal Blue

Source: TMCBlog and http://www.astra-honda.com/index.php/product


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