2012 Suzuki GW250: Baby B-King Test Ride in Haejue, China

2012 Suzuki GW250

I’m not sure whether this picture of the Suzuki GW250 has been released in China or this is actually spy-shot pictures. From the way I see it, many riders there are bringing their DSLR camera for the test ride, so it means that taking pictures is not restricted by Suzuki there. Suzuki GW250 draws its inspiration from the Suzuki B-King which is one of the popular bike from Suzuki. The styling of the B-King are very masculine and provides sense of machismo. Whatever it is, this gallery of pictures makes me feel good knowing that the Baby B-King is actually as real as it can gets.

The specs for this bike are generous with 110/30-17 front tyre and 140/70-17 rear tyre. The engine seems like it is inline-twin with the two exhaust pipe make 2-1-2 setup. The exhaust are one of the nice design with double muffler type which add the masculine looks. The brakes are both from NISSIN with 2-piston caliper for the front and 1-piston caliper for the rear.

If anyone from Suzuki Assemblers in Malaysia are reading, please do whatever it takes to bring this bike to Malaysia.

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Soursi: Asmarantaka

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