XENA Security Motorcycle Disc-Lock Alarm

XENA Security Disc-Lock Alarm XN15

I have been looking for a good locks for my bike, so, I posted a question on MM FB page and thanks to Ngeoh Ect for introducing me to this XENA security disc-lock alarm system.

I got to XENA website and read most of their locks offering and found out that this one as pictured above fits my usage. The model is XN15. Check out the features as stated from their website below: 

Ultra-High Security 

High nickel-content stainless-steel construction, piercing alarm and polished good looks make the XN15 a remarkably effective way to protect your motorbike. Versatile and super-strong to fit right in with the finest motorcycle kit.

Lock: The XN15’s unique double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel 14mm pin resists picking, sawing, freeze-spray attack and more. 

Alarm: Shock & motion sensors linked to a sophisticated microprocessor trigger a 110dB alarm. The unit is self-arming, with no on-off switch, and re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds if the attack stops.
With this kind of quality for security, the price for it is not cheap. This XENA XN15 is priced at MYR200. Even though it is expensive, it still a great buy since it can prevent your bike to be stolen. At least, the thief might think twice before choosing your bike with XN15 as their target. So, they just might take the bike next to your bike.
The cheaper version of XENA disc-lock comes in the model of X1. Priced at MYR90, this affordable version comes in four exciting colours that is stainless-steel, yellow, orange and black. In my opinion, you should choose the high visibility colours that is the yellow and orange ones since this can hinder thief away when they see the XENA lock in position.
I also have checked the availability of it in Malaysia and happy to say that is available. You can check it out at Mudah.my link here: http://www.mudah.my/li?ca=9_s&th=1&q=xena&cg=0&w=3
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