Convert Your Bicycle into 80cc Motorized Cycle with Bike Motor Kits

Normal bicycle fitted with Bike Motor Kits

80cc/66cc SD STINGER Bike Engine Kit

This 2-stroke 80cc/66cc SD STINGER Bike Engine Kit will convert almost any normal bicycle into a motorized bike (a.k.a moped). The engine produces 3.5hp and propel the bike to 30-40km/h. It is easy to install and all of the item for the modification is included. The company said that it only takes about 2-3 hour to install it to any bike. Also, the kit is affordable enough at USD179.99 (MYR537) so that almost anyone can have this modification done to their bike.

I like to do this modification to my bike at home, but as far as I checked their website, the shipping is not available internationally. I have emailed them about it and I hope they can send this kit to Malaysia.

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Source: MAKE:Online via BikeMotorKit via MotorizedBikeParts

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