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After digging on the net for more information about Honda NSR, I’ve found this NSR World website that tells a lot of story about it. The information there are indeed priceless and the history there are well written.

Let me show you one of its story about 1994 Honda NSR250R MC28. Below is the excerpt taken from NSR World.

1994~ NSR250R MC28

In November 1993 the first MC28 went on sale. The styling was only subtly changed, with the seat unit and nose fairing mimicing the factory NSR500 and NSR250 respectively. There was one major styling difference though… the Pro-Arm rear swingarm. This swingarm, originally designed and used on the RC30 for endurance racing, was the last word in styling!

NSR250 MC28
NSR250SE MC28 

The MC28 was also the first and only Honda to utilise the PGMIV, activated by the much hyped “Smart Card”, a device initially marketed as the ultimate tool in engine management! The idea was to be able to use several different cards, each with their own ignition characteristics, for any given track or weather condition. It was also the first production bike to sport a digital display. In reality however, the PGM-IV only served as a clever restriction aid introduced by Honda to comply with Japans ever increasing clampdown on power output and licensing laws. In fact, the PGM-IV makes the MC28 the costliest and hardest of the NSR’s to derestrict.

Although up on weight and down on power, the MC28 still remained the ultimate 2 stroke race-rep’, with only Suzuki’s 1996 RGV250R VJ23 trying to keep pace with the NSR’s ultra high specification.

Throughout its years (1994-1999) the MC28 remained virtually unchanged mechanically, and all three standard models were still available; the R, the SE, and the SP. The 1994 SP was again released in Rothmans colours, with a limited run of 1500 bikes, and in 1995 another 1500 limited edition SP’s were released in HRC Racing Colours.

In 1996 the R model was discontinued, and only the SE and SP were sold. Only 1000 SP’s were built, and were painted in Repsol colours to commemorate Mick Doohan again winning the World GP championship title.

NSR250 SP Repsol Edition
NSR250SP Repsol Special Edition

In 2000 Jha were the only company consistently supporting the NSR250. They bought the majority of remaining bikes and would sell them in any guise from stock to full race, including ram-air, light weight race bodywork, and titanium expansion chambers.

Jha MC28 #1

Sadly, in 2001 after correspondence with Jha, we were informed that there was no longer a stock of “new” bikes at their workshops, and although still supplying a wide range of spares and performance products, complete machines were no longer available, and in 2007 Jha eventually ceased trading.

Jha MC28 #2 Jha MC28 #3 Jha MC28 #4 Jha MC28 #5

Special thanks to Jha for the updated pictures of their race bike and their continued support over the years. Jha have now sadly ceased trading, which is a crying shame not only for the NSR owner, but for anyone competitively running a competition 2-stroke road/road-race bike, as their products were simply unrivalled in the marketplace and on the circuit.

Check out the original link here: http://nsr-world.com

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