Bourke Engine: 1-stroke a.k.a mono-stroke engine?

Mono-stroke engine or Bourke engine

2-stroke engine gives out one-power stroke for every revolution, while 4-stroke engine gives out one-power stroke for every two revolution. 2-stroke engine is about 40% more powerful than the 4-stroke engine. Then, what if there is 1-stroke engine available? Does it means mono-stroke engine is 40% more powerful than the 2-stroke engine?

This article about mono-stroke engine or Bourke engine has been available for a long time in my bookmark but had been forgotten for a while until today. The engine is actually already available since 1920s, but I don’t know why there isn’t any company taking this design for further study.

The benefit of this Bourke engine are great. It got two power stroke per revolution. It happens to be an improved 2-stroke engine, with the advantage of no premixing the 2T oil into the combustion chamber. It is also high in efficiency as it produces only 80ppm of HC (hydrocarbon) and zero CO (carbon monoxide)!

For the experiment that has been done to a 400 cu. in (6.8liter) Bourke engine, it produces 200hp at 2000RPM with 500lb/ft (677.14Nm) of torque!

For comparison, Ferrari Enzo with 6.0 liter engine produces 660 PS (485 kW; 651 hp) at 7800 rpm and 657 N·m (485 lb·ft) at 5500 RPM.

As I read the article, it is said that Bourke engine are believed to be the “Most Efficient Form of Internal Combustion Engine”.

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