2011 Modenas 125 is the New Modenas Dinamik 120

2011 Modenas 125

This is is said to be sold only at one shop in Malaysia that is Chin Hin Jitra at Gurun branch. This is due to the fact that this bike is for export only. Malaysian riders seldom heard about this bike, including me.

The specs for Modenas 125 2-stroker are amazing considering is below RM5,000. You’ll get monoshock rear suspension, two-piston caliper for both front and rear brakes with large disc plate, alloy Com* (ComStar) sports rim, 6-speed transmission, Mikuni VM22 carburetor and no cut-off CDI.

The previous version, Modenas Dinamik 120, comes with 118cc engine. I’m hoping for this Modenas 125 to come with 125cc engine. Both are 2-stroke engine.

In Greece, Modenas Dinamik 120 are as much popular as the Yamaha 125Z.

Modenas Dinamik on Modenas Website

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