2011 Yamaha 135LC Manual Clutch in Malaysia Might Be 5-speed

2011 Yamaha 135LC Manual Clutch

There are three obvious features that I can see from this picture of 2011 Yamaha 135LC Manual Clutch Version. First, there is new decals that is different than the Auto Clutch version. Second, there is rear disc brake and lastly, the front brake caliper is the tw0-piston caliper with bigger front disc plate.

I can’t see clearly whether this engine casing is different with the one with the Auto Clutch version. If it is different, this one is definitely 5-speed.

Also, the rear sprocket are very much alike the new one from Yamaha that is being fitted to Lagenda 115 and also the 5-speed version of Jupiter MX in Indonesia.

The chain tensioner mechanism are also the new version taken from the FZ-150i.

So, our hope are still alive and might become real soon.

We all are thinking there is no 5-speed version because there is no information about it given the HLYM mini website of 135LC.

We can only be sure when the bike arrives to the shops on Monday. I hope if you are there at the shop, please take some pictures of it and email me at info[a]motomalaya.net.

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  1. I think… That is the 5speed 135lc. Look at the engine casing/magnet casing… It is different then the old model + clutch cable is on the left side. (Old model is right side). Hope the sportrim would be Enkei Indonesia.

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