2011 Honda CBR250R Royal Malaysian Police Edition

2011 Honda CBR250R Royal Malaysian Police Edition


Every bikers are now eager to see the 2011 Honda CBR250R launched in Malaysia anytime soon. I know this since the statistic of the visitors show a spike of Honda CBR250R searches.

Almond Karim has uploaded many pictures of the Royal Malaysian Police 2011 Honda CBR250R which are going to be available soon to police station maybe somewhere near you. The colour white is nice with few signature to show it is a CBR250R and matches the overall of the luggage box on the both side.

Nissin Front Brake with Combined ABS

This CBR250R features combined ABS for both of the brakes; front and rear, which is supplied by Nissin. There is some kind of sensor attached to the caliper with special groove disc at the inner ring of the disc plate. This looks much different than the many brake setup that I have seen before.

Going to be launched anytime now and while we waiting for the CBR250R, what about the siblings; CBR150R?

13 more pictures after the jump

Thanks to Almond Karin!

UPDATE (15/02/2011): This is REAL police bike, not modified.


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