2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) 5-speed in Indonesia Launched!

2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) Side View

Indonesians got to see the all new 2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) launched at the 2010 Jakarta Motorcycle Show.

Jupiter MX is as good as what we have been expected with features includes rear disc brake as standard, 5-speed transmission and new radical design.

What Yamaha Indonesia surprise us is the usage of wide front and rear rim that is 2.00 x 17″ for front wheel (or is it 2.15 x 17″ as the technical specification suggested?) and 2.50 x 17″ for rear wheel. Wider tyre give better ride and handling with great improvement on cornering. The rear wheel also got improvement in the chain tensioner department whereby it is now replaced with a new version just like the Yamaha FZ-150i (Vixion).

Also, it got 25mm carburetor (previous was at 22mm)! That is just 1mm less than The Boss (Yamaha RX-Z 135 2-stroke) at 26mm Mikuni VM.

Power figures are up to 12,52 Ps @ 8.500 rpm for the new Jupiter MX (previous is at 11.49ps/8500rpm) and  1,24 kgf.m torque @ 6.000 rpm (previous is at 1.19 kgf.m torque @ 6.000rpm).

Check out the previous model technical specification here and compared it yourself for better view on the improvement areas.

2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) Rear Mudguard
2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) Rear Disc Brake with new Chain Tensioner Mechanism
2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) Tail Light
2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) Front view

Also in the show are Yamaha Jupiter MX World Champion Jorge Lorenzo Edition that has the decals to match the Jorge Lorenzo 99 YZF-M1 bike. His bike (YZF-M1) are also on the show.

2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) World Champion Jorge Lorenzo Edition
2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) front coolant view
2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX is fitted with rear disc brake and wide fat tyre

Along in the show, Yamaha also tease with Yamaha Lexam which is going to be introduced early 2011 there.

2011 Yamaha Lexam to be launched in early 2011 in Indonesia

Great news to Indonesian bikers, but a painful wait for bikers in Malaysia.

To see larger picture, click the image from the image gallery after the jump

Millions thanks to The Super Brother Haen for the tips!

UPDATE (29/11/2010): More pictures added. Tail light and meter pictures.

UPDATE (02/01/2011): This bike is rumored to be launched in Malaysia in April or May 2011. Very strong source. Save your money and get this bike!

UPDATE (18/01/2011): This bike has been spotted testing in PLUS highway in Malaysia!

UPDATE (21/03/2011): This bike has been launched in MALAYSIA!


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  1. hi, I am from Indonesia. I appreciate that you have made the news from Indonesia. I also tell u , yamaha motor indonesia , has launching yamaha yamaha Byson(in India called yamaha FZ16) and new yamaha scorpio (225cc) .thx . just for sharing. 😀

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