2011 Suzuki Smash V115

2011 Suzuki Smash V115

Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia Sdn. Bhd has launched an all new Suzuki Smash V115 and as the name suggests, it is 115cc bike. It will come in 3 version; Smash V115 SCD comes with sport rim and front disc brake, Smash V115 SD comes with stainless wheel and front disc brake and the last one Smash V115 with stainless steel wheel and front drum brake.

Top speed: 97.8km/h.

Fuel mileage: 50.2km/l

Price is estimated at RM4,847 (V115 SCD), RM4,597 (V115 SD) and RM4,368 (V115).

3 more pictures after the jump

UPDATE (23/10/2010): It is actually a 2011 version NOT 2010.

Source: Arena Kereta

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