AHM Tri-oval (M1 Series) Exhaust Pipe for Yamaha 135LC

AHM Triangle Racing Exhaust Pipe for Yamaha 135LC

Found this at SCK Motor while looking for some parts for Yamaha 135LC. This is the new version of the AHM exhaust. It looks a little bit like NOB1 exhaust pipe. The sticker price is at RM480 compared to normal AHM exhaust pipe that is at 280-380 price, it means that this one is really priced higher than the others.

The mechanic said that this exhaust performs very well. You can get up to 170km/h for Yamaha 135LC.

This exhaust is also available for Suzuki Belang R150 (Raider 150R) and Kawasaki KLX-150S.

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Tri-oval definition from Wikipedia:

A tri-oval is a shape which derives its name from the two other shapes it most resembles, a triangle and an oval. Rather than meeting at sharp, definable angles as the sides of a triangle do, in a tri-oval these angles are instead rounded into smooth curves. While an oval has four turns, a tri-oval has an “extra” fifth turn.

UPDATE (1/11/2010): I have found that the real name for this exhaust is AHM M1 Series, after I look at the catalogue at Stormbikers is Shah Alam

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  1. Hello, I have heard very good things for AHM M1, and I would like to buy. Could you tell me how much it costs in euros, and how I could order from Malaysia to Greece? Still would like to know how safe it is against this order and how long will I receive it. I have a yamaha crypton x, Thanks

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