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  1. hi,
    Am from ireland and doing a little bit of research on Yamaha rx 135 Indian model ( almost same as the Rx king) version of bikes and am a supplier for 8 racing teams in india for performance accessories, This bikes in India is used for autcross and dirt track competitions.. I would highly appreciate in getting few information you have done to the front suspensions which is looking amazing..I think the same model if can be done on a stock chassis with modifying it, that will be a great use and success to my project.. Do you have any idea that it can be fitted to a rx 135 or rx king chassis with mods…Am looking forward to get your email or phone contact to get in touch with you to discuss about the following project….If you can help me in this that will be highly useful to me and lot of racers which rely on my studies.. so please leave your contact if you have a good attitude to what you do (know you have ).. my email ****[email protected]**** and name is prinz sudhakar.. awaiting your early reply ..thanking you regards ..prinz

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