Yamaha 135LC Dyno Test with 62mm Racing Engine Block from Haen in Indonesia

Yamaha 135LC Dyno Test Running

These pictures are uploaded with permission from Haen in Indonesia which is one of the active forumer at www.yamahat135.com. Very well known in web in terms of moped and underbone scene. Haen has uploaded some interesting pictures about the dyno test that he has run for Yamaha 135LC or known as Jupiter MX in Indonesia in his Facebook. Click the dyno chart picture to view it in full resolution. Thanks Haen! The dyno chart is after the jump.

As the dyno chart shows, we can see that by using 62mm engine block, the 135LC produces 21.7hp at 9329RPM. Compared to standard engine horsepower that is 11.33hp at 8500RPM, that is about two fold increase of engine power! This number exceeds the horsepower provided by standard Yamaha RX-Z 135 2-stroke that is at 21hp.

Then, what will the number be if Haen do this dyno test to 65mm engine block?

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