NGK Spark Plug Power Cable for Honda Wave 125

NGK Spark Plug Power Cable
NGK Spark Plug Power Cable
Fits: HONDA WAVE125 R (reverse imports)
Description:Number needed: 1 pc
* The picture is only for reference..

To jump the power of internal resistance of the ceramic cap, combined with style.

Code adopted silicon. Cap is proven using phenolic resin.
Ceramic resistor was built into the cap to reduce the occurrence of noise.
Encapsulate the code in the silicon is strongly temperature has been realized with excellent durability and resistance voltage.

The statement above is from the sales page at
Japan.WeBike.Net is an online store from Japan that sells many parts from Japan for the use of many bikes including the Cheap Urban Bike (a.k.a Cub). One of the bike that I have found there is Honda Wave 125 that is available for you to look for parts to buy. Anyway, the inventory for cub bikes is still small and maybe will added more as the time progresses.
For more info, get there:
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