Yamaha 125Z Parts Catalogue Sneak Peek

Yamaha 125Z Parts Catalogue
Yamaha 125Z Parts Catalogue

Yamaha 125Z parts catalogue is a very hard to find catalogue for Yamaha bike in the Internet. More images after the jump.

However, my friend has managed to find a printed parts catalogue for Yamaha 125Z in one of the shop in Puchong, Malaysia while looking for the Yamaha 125Z gear box configuration and settings.

I don’t have the full page of the parts catalogue, therefore I can’t share it with you. This is the only image that I have for you all.

One thing for sure now, the parts catalogue for Yamaha 125Z do exist, but there are no one who are willing to take it to Internet. Is it my job to do it? I can do it if I have it in my hand.

UPDATE: The parts catalogue is now available here: http://motomalaya.net/blog/2011/03/15/2004-yamaha-125z-parts-catalogue-to-download/

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