Yamaha Thailand No Cut-Off CDI Unit for Yamaha 135LC

Yamaha Thailand No Cut-Off CDI for 135LC

My friend Shah has sent me a new addition to the already many variation of Yamaha 135LC CDI. This one is sourced from Yamaha Thailand which have one special feature that we don’t have in Malaysia, that is no cut-off. I’m not sure whether this one is referred to RPM limit cut-off or speed limit cut-off.
Based on Shah’s interview with the mechanic at the supplier shop, it is said that this CDI from Thailand is much better compared to BRT and Rextor from Indonesia. Also, I’m not sure about this. By better, it means that the ignition spark and timing are good all around the RPM.
I have spoken to the mechanic who work at Malaysian Cub Prix about racing CDI and he replied to me that he only use original stock Yamaha CDI unit, but, tuned at Hong Leong Yamaha for each and every track for the suitable ignition timings and ignition sparks. Therefore, I do really think that this Yamaha CDI unit from Thailand is as good as told by the mechanic which my friend has interviewed.
Final opinion is up to you to try it yourself. Don’t just take my words for it, buy it, feel it and share it here for all of us to know.

Item is available for sale here: http://motomalaya.net/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=43


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