Honda CV-Matic: 2010 Cub-style Scooter Automatic Transmission

Honda CV-Matic Transmission Cut-Out

Honda CV-Matic Air Flow

If Yamaha has come with YCAT, Honda also has developed its own next generation compact automatic transmission named CV-Matic.
Compact automatic transmission will get use to final drive using chain and sprocket like normal moped. This mean that you have modify your AT bike to be torquey (more pickup) or speedy just by changing the ratio of the front and rear sprocket.
The airflow of the CV-Matic is important to keep the heat away from the drive belt for good normal operating temperature.
There are many name for this kind of transmission using belt drive namely Ultra V-Matic by Honda, Super CVT by Suzuki or Xtronic by Nissan (for car usage) which actually refer to the same basic concept of Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) using belt driven shaft fitted with cone shaped wheel. There’s a great article for you to read at HowStuffWorks about CVT here:
Honda CV-Matic will only be available on 2010, but Yamaha YCAT already teased in Yamaha Motor Vietnam in Yamaha LEXAM.
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