Honda Genuine Motor Oils Ads

Honda Genuine Motor Oils Ads
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I know some of you who ride Honda scooters might have problem looking for the the JASO MB motor oils. JASO MB is required for the scooters as scooters use dry clutch system compared to normal 4-stroke bike that use wet clutch system. Wet clutch system is a system where the transmission, clutch and gears share the same lubricant oil with the piston, cams and crankshaft.
Dry clutch is the one that is not shared. That’s why you have transmission oil for scooters.
JASO MB oil have friction modifiers compared to JASO MA which does not have the friction modifiers.
Even though that is the case, you still can use any motor oil with API SG and above grade, but make sure there is not ‘Energy Conserving’ label on the pack.
I have checked my Honda iCon manual book for the transmission oil and it is only required for 0.10L.
For more info, try to search Wikipedia entry with the word ‘JASO MB’.
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