Yamaha 135LC Original Disc Plate

Yamaha 135LC Original Disc Plate

Some people like to modify their bike to use bigger disc plate, which looks nice. That kind of disc plate might cost you about RM200+.
But if you try to buy the original one, it might set you back to RM300+ for the standard size disc plate.
For me, I prefer the original ones as it is much tougher and more durable than the aftermarket parts. Not that the aftermarket parts is not good, it is just can’t match the quality of original parts. I have seen one original disc plate fitted to a 10 year old Yamaha bike and still usable up to this point. The disc plate has thinned down but not much, maybe just 1mm. Disc plate is not something you change frequently, it is the brake pad that needs the love and care. But do you care about the brand and originality of your brake pad?

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4 Replies to “Yamaha 135LC Original Disc Plate”

  1. i bought this disc from my friends (2nd hand) for RM65 only whereby the retail price is RM295!

    and it looks super-duper cool rather than racing boys what so ever

  2. You can get this item only. There is no bracket included. The front fork of non hand clutch 135LC is different than 135LC ES. You need to change the right side front fork for you to be able to use this disc plate. You also need to get 2-pot caliper to fit the front fork and the disc caliper.

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