1997 RX-Z Restored!

1997 6-Speed RX-Z Restoration Project

Do you still remember the picture above? It is about a Yamaha RX-Z bike that I bought for RM500+ that I’m going to restore sometime in May 2008.
Now, the restoration has finished. Enjoy the picture below and look for the original look for the bike before any restoration has been done.
Newly painted engine cover but the kick starter has not been replaced yet since there is no stock for the original one
Carburetor is new since the old one is very dirty and hard to clean
New rims, tyre, hub, rear footrest but old exhaust painted to black
Definitely restored to full glory 

Nicely done in black with green stripe

There is nothing more satisfying other than looking at the bike that once is hedious and teribble but now looking like new and full of spirit.
Remember to read the previous look of this bike here!


7 Replies to “1997 RX-Z Restored!”

  1. Hi Eddy,

    Where I can find something like book( Manual ) to modified this R-XZ. What’s need to change etc…. or you can give me your experience. I heard in KL they can set until 240. Is’t true?????



  2. Hi,
    I like to know how to contact you as I wanted to asked some question
    about Yamaha RX-Z.Appriciated if you can reply.I cannot find any email address from your website.

  3. wah..mantap la bro..suke tgk mnde2 camni. suke jgk motor. Love yamaha bike too. mantap seh projek ni. brp cost smua? next post leh tjk smua kira2 x? car brp? kelas brp? lg satu,ekzos 2 pkai cat ape? brp rm?skil smbur cmne? aku ade 1 wantufai.. ekzos dia da brp kali aku ssmbur asyik tggl je.geram btul.hbis nmpk merah smua. bg komen skit,mgkin aku ade silap ms cat 2. ape kmgkinannye?

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