Fuel Injection Bikes That Didn’t Make It to Malaysia

Honda Air Blade-i

Honda CBR-125i

Honda Click AT-i

Honda CZ-i 110

Yamaha Spark 135i

Suzuki Shogun 125 Fi

Honda Wave 125S PGM-Fi (the first cub to have Fi)

I hate to write about this post because it made me feel that we in Malaysia live in old time. People in Thailand got all the bike featured here, but none of them is available in Malaysia. Why? What is wrong with Fi bike in accordance with the rules and regulation here in Malaysia?
But, there is one thing that make me happy for using carburetor type cub bike, look at the Honda Wave specification below:

Specifications Honda Wave 125
* Engine type: SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke air-cooled 124cc engine
* Displacement: 124.9 cc
* Bore x Stroke: 52.4 x 57.9 mm
* Compression Ratio: 9,3:1
* Max Power: 9.3 PS @ 7,500 rpm (carburetor type),
9,18 PS @ 7.500 rpm(Fi)

* Max Torque: 1.03 kgf.m @ 4,000 rpm (carburetor type),
0,99 kgf.m /5.000 rpm(Fi)

* Max speed: 115 km/h
* Transmission: 4-speed
* Clutch: Wet multi-plate centrifugal
* Starter: Kick and electric starter
* Frame Type: Underbone steel tube
* Suspension (F): Telescopic
* Suspension (R): Swingarm
* Brake (F): Disc/Mechanically actuated drum
* Brake (R): Leading trailing drum/Disc
* Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 L

Read the one with bold font. As you can see the carburetor-type Honda Wave 125 is more powerful and torquey than Fi sibling. Also, the maintainance is low and easy to repair compared to Fi which used ECU. Still, we in Malaysia should have Fi bikes(we have one actually, that is Yamaha FZ-150i).
The special thing about Fi is about fuel efficiency. This is proven by the review of FZ-150i by Roda-Roda magazine in Malaysia September issue.
Self modification to fit your bike with Fi is actually possible but I think it is not worth the effort.
For more information, click here.

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3 Replies to “Fuel Injection Bikes That Didn’t Make It to Malaysia”

  1. i have yet to find an answer to this question….. it seems like there is a complot between businessmen and authorities to not allow some of these Fuel Injectors to reach malaysian market….. maybe they want to give us less value for money… so they can take more profits… speaking of less value for money, proton is a superb example…..injectors: it is more enviromentally friendly, more fuel efficient….. the benefits are more compared to carburetors….. and if i am not mistaken, injectors give much better throttle response….

    kalau sport rim enkei boleh manufacture kat vietnam bagi masuk malaysia assemble kat 135, asal lak injector tak leh…
    thailand pun dah advance… orang siam tak pernah ada penjajah…malaysia ni dah banyak belajar dari penjajah putih kita ni….. kenape malaysia pulak ketinggalan…..

    thailand teksi guna corolla altis (rm 120k)…. kat malaysia guna proton saga…. aduh…. buat malu malaysia bila pelancong tengok

    aku ni memang supporter malaysia tapi kadang kadang aku rasa rakyat malaysia ni diperbodohkan dan dimainkan, sama aa macam bile malaysia kena jajah orang putih….. cronie cronie complot tolong sesama sendiri, sama sama jadi kaya…….. rakyat malaysia pulak, boleh mampus je lar….

  2. more thing…
    motorcycle with carburetor is more responsive compared to fuel injected…
    I mean when you twist the throttle, carburetor will give almost instant respond compared to fuel injected…

  3. The main reason is because our motorcycle market is a lot more smaller than thai, vietnam and indonesia. Therefore, these manufacturers rather putting much effort in those countries instead of Malaysia.

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