ACME Tyre: New Made in Taiwan Tyre in Malaysia

ACME Tyre advertisement on Roda-roda September 2008 issue

ACME is the new tyre made in Taiwan available to Malaysia marketed by Tools Clubs (M) Sdn. Bhd. I have read the article in the Roda-roda magazine and I noticed that this brand is not another cheap brand that is made to gain profit only.

ACME is similar to the word taken from Greek ‘akme’ that mean the highest point of perfection or achievement. So, in this case I hope the Acme tyre is really a good tyre that is comparable with Dunlop, Farelli, Michelin and other established name.

ACME tyres is made from silica and nitrile rubber mixed with high density rubber. This make the compound have very good balance between durability and grip on the dry and wet road. It is made for street use but using technology that is available for racing.

ACME tyres is available in sizes ranging from 10 to 17 inch. Price starts from RM45.90 for 70/90 x 16 up to RM66.90 for 130/70 x 12.

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