Best Tyre: Dunlop, Michelin, Farelli, FKR or Duro?

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Recently, I just got my tyre change for my RX-Z. The tyre that I have choose is from Magnum. Magnum is the cheapest tyre that I can find in my place. Being the cheapest, I also think this one will not last long. Maybe just for 6 month.

Choosing a tyre is not easy since there are a lot of consideration before buying it. Maybe you can say, just buy the most expensive one. You are wrong. This is because some expensive tyre is made to grip well in dry road only. Also the compound made for it is meant for short term only since it can grip hard, so it can wears fast too.

While thinking for which tyre I need to use next, I found a good article about motorcycle tyre at here. This is based on the writer’s experience using different brands of tyre. So, it might differ with yours. Anyway, you can take the advice just for consideration before choosing a good tyre for your usage.

Four brands of tyre has been reviewed by the writer that is; Dunlop T900, Michelin M45, Farelli F1800 and FKR Epsilon HT200. Duro has not been reviewed since it is still being used by the writer. Read it here.

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