Poll Result: What is your favourite type of engine(s)?


2-stroke 34 (61%)
4-stroke 18 (32%)
both, the more the merrier 2 (3%)
none, i don’t like engines 1 (1%)
Votes received: 55

It seems that many chose 2-stroke as their favourite engine. This maybe due to 2-stroke have simpler design, lighter weight and more power.

Some also chose 4-stroke engine. Honda EX5, Yamaha Lagenda and Yamaha LC135 belong to this group of engine. 4-stroke produce less pollution and gives less noisy exhaust sound. One of my friend who owns LC135 tells me that he really loves the bike because he can cruise up to 140 km/h furiosly but still be almost silent.

There are two person who chose both engine as their favourite and only one person didn’t like engines. Hmm, I wonder why he/she visit this site then…


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