How To Get Good Speed and Pickup for Yamaha RX-Z?


How to get a good speed and good pickup for RX-Z? For now, my top speed is just 140km/h and looking forward to make my RX-Z top speed reaching the ‘km/h’ label (about 220km/h). Is it possible? What other modification do I need to do? Also, the top RPM is just 9000+. I have looked at one of the RX-Z reaching far beyond the 12000+ RPM. How do they do it? Comment if you know how!


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  1. hai. sonok baca blog ko ni. tah ada lagi ke x ni. nk tau pasal modi rxz bincang kt google group rxz tu la. nk cakap kt sini x cukup la. bukan nk bgga tp aku penah pakai z fully modi.
    nk tau bincg kt group

  2. Std RXz should get 10500 rpm if yours 9000 means something wrong with the delivery systems. To get 12000 rpm u need to port the inlet and outlet as well as high speed bearing for the crankshaft. Compression ratio also require upgrade to get the speed of rpm reaching itś limits

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