Suzuki Rancang Untuk Membangunkan Helmet Paparan Hadapan



  • Suzuki telah merancang untuk membangunkan helmet paparan hadapan (heads-up display: HUD) mereka sendiri untuk masa depan motosikal.
  • HUD unit yang biasa bukan sahaja memaparkan maklumat penting tetapi ianya juga akan menyampaikan suapan video secara langsung bahagian belakang motosikal yang dirancang untuk menggantikan penggunaan cermin pandang belakang konvensional.

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Motosikal Lumba Suzuki GSX1100SD Katana Dari Team Classic Suzuki

  • Motosikal Suzuki GSX1100SD Katana ini akan bertanding dalam perlumbaan Endurance Legends di Donington Park untuk tahun ini.
  • Dibina oleh pasukan yang dibantu pengeluar, Team Classic Suzuki.
  • Motosikal lumba Katana ini akan dikemudi oleh James Whitman, Steve Parrish, dan Micheal Neeves dalam perlumbaan empat jam ini.

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New India-based production for Suzuki Hayabusa


India becomes new production home for Suzuki Hayabusa hypersport.

Reports by several India-based sources confirms that the Suzuki Hayabusa model has been inducted into a local assembly (CKD) program in the country whichs boasts one of Asia’s biggest two-wheeled market.


This marks the first time that the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa is being produced outside of its native home of Japan. Whilst this new program will mainly cater to the local Indian market, further reports suggests possibility of the made-in-India Hayabusa entering other markets around the region, but this plans remains unconfirmed presently.

One India-based site called xBHP reports that the Suzuki Hayabusa will be imported as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kits and assembled in Suzuki’s assembly plant in Gurgaon. The site further adds that the specification for the made-in-India version remains unchanged from the fully imported (CBU) version as well.  Continue reading “New India-based production for Suzuki Hayabusa”

Buy your dream bike now with Aeon Credit


AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad (AEON Credit or the Company) commenced operations in Malaysia in 1997 with its Easy Payment (EP) schemes for purchase of consumer products through appointed retail merchants and chain stores. Today, AEON Credit’s business operation has expanded into vehicle easy payment schemes, personal financing schemes, issuance of credit cards under international brand names of Visa and MasterCard and other services. Currently, the company serves a database of more than one million active customers. Continue reading “Buy your dream bike now with Aeon Credit”

2014 Suzuki GSX-R1000 SE for 50th Suzuki USA Anniversary


One more limited edition GSX-R1000 from Suzuki. It will be available in USA in 50 units only to commemorate their 50th anniversary of existence there. The white base colour with blue accent on the engine cover and seat adds a little uniqueness to this already beautiful Gixxer. I would want one.
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