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Yamaha Spark 135 – Indonesia Modification

Thai biker also have their enthusiast who likes to blog. Here I have found one that is still up and running blog that has just been updated today. You can surf it up here.
The modification here is very nice and fresh. It can give a lot of idea for us to do it on our bikes here in Malaysia.

Yamaha Vega-R DB from Indonesia: New Lagenda for Malaysia?

Yamaha Vega ZR
Yamaha Vega ZR

Yamaha Vega-R DB

Yamaha Jupiter Z
Yamaha Jupiter Z

Yamaha Jupiter Z or Yamaha Lagenda in Malaysia

I have stumble upon these images when I browse to official Yamaha Motor Indonesia website. At first, I thought Yamaha Vega-R DB is Yamaha Jupiter Z/Lagenda, but it isn’t.
So, I compare the Yamaha Vega-R DB with Yamaha Jupiter Z specification and found out that it share the same cylinder size (cc), same body and same suspension setup. I’m guessing this Yamaha Vega-R DB is the another facelift (or bodylift?) version of Yamaha Jupiter Z. Here in Malaysia, we already have Yamaha Lagenda, Yamaha Lagenda Z and the latest version of it that is Yamaha Lagenda ZR.
The differences between Yamaha Vega-R DB and Yamaha Jupiter Z can be seen on the front head lamp and new fairing design.
If my guess is correct, then we’ll have new version of Yamaha Lagenda in the next few months.
Official Yamaha Motor Indonesia can be accessed here.

Yamaha Sniper/Sniper HC(Hand Clutch) Philippines Website

Yamaha Motor Phillippines Website for Sniper

It is good for us to know about the other version of Yamaha LC135 since it can give us a lot of ideas for our next modification.
Philippines got the Yamaha Sniper for automatic clutch and Yamaha Sniper HC for manual hand clutch.
The information given here is not very detailed as compared to which is the official website from Yamaha specifically for Yamaha LC135.
What I like about this website is that we can look for the different design of the sticker and stripe of the Yamaha Sniper. Maybe we can buy the sticker from Philippines for simple and easy coverset mod.
Get yourself there by clicking on the picture.

Use Reverse Osmosis Water to Clean Your Bike for Spotless Clarity

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System from Apec Water

Reverse osmosis water as we know does not contain anything inside it except H2O only. H2O is a volatile compound means that it can vapourise well at any temperature above its boiling point. This property of volatility makes it dry when wash our car. But if we are using normal tap water, we can see spot and streak on our car after the water have dried out. The spot and streak are actually minerals and contaminant that is normally existed in the normal tap water such as calcium, magnesium, silica, iron etc.
So, using reverse osmosis water to clean our car and bike really make sense since it does not contain anything else other than H2O only.
Perfect clean car, spotless and streak-free surface is also good for waxing and polishing since it does not contain any metals from the water to make the paint surface to be scratched.
In fact, reverse osmosis water is used in luxury auto detailing company since they are looking for nothing other perfection.
If you have reverse osmosis water filter and like to have perfect clarity spotless clean bike, this is the time to use it!

X1R: The Another Version of Yamaha LC135

Yamaha X1R Thailand Black

Yamaha X1R Thailand Blue

Yamaha X1R Thailand Yellow Showroom Bike

Yamaha X1R Front Head Lamp

Yamaha X1R Rear Lamp

Yamaha X1R Thailand version of Yamaha LC135 is a very special model. It has front and rear brake disc whereby most of the other version only has front disc brake such as Yamaha Sniper (Bermuda) and T135(Europe).
The design of the bike is also very different when compared all of the other version of the LC135. It look much more naked, meaner and more manly. The rear lamp is designed well to suit the overall radical look presented by the absence of front head lamp on the head cover. The front head lamp is being replaced to lower position that is on the fairing. This remind me the look of new Nuovo that is Nuovo LC. It is good design and I think a lot of Yamaha LC135 like to have their bike to resemble this look.
Yamaha X1R also have another version in Thailand that is Yamaha Spark 135i, and as the name suggest it is being equipped with fuel injection.
For those who are looking to convert their bike to resemble X1R, read the post here.
For Yamaha LC135 Rear Brake Disc Conversion, read it here.