New Bike: Suzuki Belang R150

Suzuki Belang R150

Suzuki Malaysia has just recently launched a new bike named Belang R150. This bike has almost the same spec as Suzuki Raider R150 in Indonesia and Philippines.
Suzuki Belang R150 has a very good spec in its sleeves. It is equipped with rear and front disc brake, 6-speed transmission, digital speedometer, monoshock rear suspension and also electric starter!
With 150cc planted to a small underbone body like Honda Hurricane/Nova, this bike have a high power to weight ratio. This make acceleration much better and also much improved braking. Most importantly here in Malaysia, it will make riding in traffic jam so much easy when we can easily navigate the bike through the narrow space on the road.
Price is RM7570.
For complete info and specs, hit the link here

How To Really Tune 2-stroke Motorcycle Carburetor

Ian Williams Australia Mikuni Carb Tuning Info Page

If you all still remember, I’m still in the process of setting up my Mikuni carb that comes standard with my secondhand 125Z.
Ian Williams here provide a very good details about on how to tune Mikuni carb and I mean really really good details about tuning the carb. Have a read here and I guarantee you will spend your next 2 hours trying to understand what the heck Ian Williams is trying to tell you.