Yamaha LC135 Coverset Model A

Original post is from here. I have seen this in a forum discussing about Yamaha LC135 in Lowyat.net. They have in store a lot of LC135 coverset. I think I don’t have to say a lot about it. So, just enjoy the picture!

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Denso Spark Plug: Iridium Power

Iridium electrode spark plug nowadays are very popular. This is due to the fact that it can give better combustion, better fuel economy and more power.
Spark produced by this plug is much stronger than the standard plug since it has a smaller electrode to make the spark jumps more easily.
To know more about this plug, you can surf here.

Battery’s dead? Why?

Maintainance-free battery for motorcycles

Battery is not a very important aspect for bikers who drive RX-Z, 125Z and Honda EX5. This is because the battery is only used for signal indicator, fuel indicator and to drain the excessive voltage from the magnet to it.
But, it is very important for those who use electric starter bike such as LC135, FZ-150i, Lagenda and scooters. The problem is the battery is always dead at the time when we needed it the most. Why is this happening?
There can be three basic reason of why the battery can be dead:
1. Battery itself is condemned (cannot retain the charge anymore).
Solution: Replace the battery.

2. The alternator (or cut-off) is damaged (cannot charge the battery anymore).
Solution: Replace the alternator.

3. The bike is not used regularly and used a lot in start stop condition. When this happen, the battery is drained more than it could be charged by the alternator.
Solution: Charge the battery and use the bike regularly. If not, sell the bike to the one who needs it the most than you.

Y1: Yamaha RX-Z Racing Engine Block

Racing block for RX-Z is known as Y1. Y1 is very popular because it can withstand high temperature for long duration of usage. Also, Y1 has bigger displacement compared to Y2, Y3 and Y4. With Y1, you can also rebore the cylinder to get higher displacement without having to deal with overheating of the engine.
Original Japan Y1 block is very rare, since it has been replaced with the recent Y4. Anyone who wants to get Y1 maybe need to check for secondhand RX-Z.
The video here was found at YouTube, but there is nothing special to look at actually. I was hoping the uploader to show what he did with the block or tell us how to rebore the block.