Yamaha LEXAM First Pictures at AutoPRO

Yamaha LEXAM Side Profile is very much like normal moped

Yamaha LEXAM tail light is 3-piece setup

Yamaha LEXAM meter is quite radical

Yamaha LEXAM headlight also get a radical styling and resemble Yamaha Lagenda ZR a bit

MotoMalaya’s reader Vietnam has given me a link to a series of images of Yamaha LEXAM YCAT moter (moped + scooter?). Thanks.
I’m not able to read in Vietnamese (I tried to use Google Translate), so I can’t give you details about the story on AutoPRO.
From my POI, the shot here is a spy-shot for the Yamaha LEXAM since the bike has not being given any sticker or decals on its body. Design-wise, this bike very radical for Asean market, but we in Asean always looking for something new and out-of-the-ordinary things, and this bike suites the statement well.
For more information, click here: http://autopro.com.vn/2009110512151732ca0047/yamaha-lexam-ycat-lo-anh-nong.chn
These first pictures is actually taken by H Racing here: http://www.trieudo.com/tan-gau-ve-o-xe-may/16434-hinh-xe-yamaha-lexam.html?language=id

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Yamaha LEXAM in Vietnam Yamaha Motor Website

Yamaha LEXAM in Vietnam
Yamaha Motor of Vietnam has released a teaser for their new upcoming automatic motorcycle named LEXAM. I got to know that this is an automatic bike because it features a new acronym for Yamaha that is; YCAT. YCAT is referred to Yamaha Compact Automatic Transmission.
UPDATE: This bike is designed like a moped.
Even though this is an automatic transmission bike, I don’t whether this one is half-moped-half-scooter like the Nouvo S, Nouvo MX or Nouvo LC or fully scooter bike like the Ego, Ego-S.
Of course, we in Malaysia needs to wait for few months or few years before we can get this bike on our soil. Or perhaps, we never get to see it at all here.

Yamaha LEXAM design is very much like normal moped

Yamaha LEXAM automatic transmission is fitted near the engine compared to Yamaha Nouvo which is placed at the back
Yamaha YCAT transmission setup

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Hello readers!
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You don’t have to do this for free because the best design will win not one, but TWO EX5 carburetor(Taiwan made but what’s there to complain, you are going to get this for free).
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