Drag Race Modified Yamaha Lagenda in Greece

This Lagenda 110 or also known as Crypton Z in Greece has been modified for something that looks like a drag race. The cylinder is now has been change to a new one that features liquid cooling. There is a slo a fitment of large muffler box for the exhaust setup. Nice job guys!

via: drag speed house

Modified Honda CR-Z Trio on July 2012 Honda Tuning Magazine

I just love Honda CR-Z and can’t help myself to share with you this Honda Tuning magazine cover for July 2012 edition which features 3 modified Honda CR-Z. The one that I really like is the one in the colour white with matching white wheel. Makes you want to get one in your garage don’t you?  Continue reading “Modified Honda CR-Z Trio on July 2012 Honda Tuning Magazine”

Oxford Eyeshot Nano LED Indicator (UPDATE: Gallery added)

Oxford Eyeshot Nano LED Indicator is a very small indicator light that can be fitted to your bike. Have no fear since this LED indicator is CE approved. It is also said to exceed necessary legal standards. I believe this since I know LED nowadays have a very powerful bright light. Want to buy it? Check out the link and statement by DC Bikers Accessories E-Catalogue  Continue reading “Oxford Eyeshot Nano LED Indicator (UPDATE: Gallery added)”

2012 Yamaha TMAX with original accesories from Yamaha Europe

As the name suggests, it means this TMAX is a maxi scooter. 500cc engine is all it need to make it one of the maxi scooter in Yamaha own bike lineup. This one in Europe in the colour of black attracts my attention with the accessories that further enchance the look of this bike. Not available directly from HLYM in Malaysia though. Anyway, you can still find it at mudah.my if you are really interested to buy it. Not cheap!

via: Jeff Nouvo FB page

Velocita 250cc – Italian design Japan technology – RM11,999

MM reader, Johari Mn has again update us with this interesting bike named Velocita 250cc found at mudah.my. I’m saying interesting because this 250cc machine is priced at RM11,999 and the styling is very like the elusive Yamaha YZF-R15 and the YZF-R125, only with bigger cc. What do you think guys?

Official Pictures of 2012 Yamaha Y125ZR Red, Black and GP Edition – RM7,700 OTR

2012 Yamaha 125ZR GP Edition

HLYM has updated their website with the addition of this 2012 Yamaha Y125ZR GP Edition in the Yamaha Racing Blue colour. It a great addition to the already beautiful Y125ZR in red and black. Y125ZR is one of the greatest bike of all time in my list. It features a powerful 125cc 2-stroke forward-incline engine, amazing design, nice tail light, good front end, muscular side profile and the ever rev-happy 6-gear transmission. I think that anyone who loves bike need to have this in their collection of bikes. Check out 2 more official pictures of the red and black Y125ZR after the jump  Continue reading “Official Pictures of 2012 Yamaha Y125ZR Red, Black and GP Edition – RM7,700 OTR”