Honda C70 Twin Engine

June 26th, 2012 9:59 pm by

I found this Honda C70 with 2-cylinder L-twin engine setup on Youtube from Central Java, Indonesia. This mod is extreme considering the 70cc single-cylinder Honda engine is being added with one more additional cylinder. This is like combining two engine into one. Imagine the difficulties in connecting the crankshaft together. The timing of the spark plug. The electronics. The welding of the block. All needs to work perfectly and in harmony.

A great piece of engineering. You can see the video embed after the jump  Read the rest of this entry »

Honda Opens RCV Special Site

June 26th, 2012 8:17 am by

I have just a spent my time reading this info from official Honda site about its RC-V model that is being used in MotoGP races. The time spent is well worth every seconds if you are into bikes. It answer some of the burning question that lingers in our mind about their racing RC-V. How does Honda create the world-beating MotoGP race bikes?

I’m sure you will like it when you are there. Heads up to:

2012 Modenas Ace 115 is coming in blue colour – RM4,598

June 23rd, 2012 10:20 am by

It is good to know that Modenas are now taking agressive steps in winning the hearts of Malaysian bikers. This time they have introduced new colour for the Ace 115 that is blue. Previously, Modenas Ace 115 comes in two colour choices that is Sand White and Fire Bricks(Red). After that they introduced a new colour that is the Ivory Green. That makes up 3 colour choices, now they are adding the blue that makes 4 colours to choose from. In my opinion, the livery design of this Ace 115 is one of the best Modenas has ever made. It has a great looking dynamic lines (lines that make the bikes look fast, even when standing still), simple and trendy.

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2012 Yamaha 135LC new livery is coming soon

June 22nd, 2012 6:06 pm by

20120622-055914 PTG.jpg
I’m happy to know that the new livery of the popular Yamaha 135LC is coming soon this year. It has been almost 2 years since the launch of the new 135LC. I’m expecting a better livery version of the 135LC especially for the 5-speed version since the current version is too soft (in my opinion). I’d like to see a more aggressive and much suited the racing bike used by Yamaha racing teams.
Thanks to BLH Motor for updating us about it. For those who are now looking forward to buy the 135LC, are you going to wait for the new livery update?

2012 Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 – Offroad Style On The Road at RM9,689

June 21st, 2012 11:24 pm by

Kawasaki has just recently launched a gem in their bike lineup. This is Kawasaki D-Tracker 150. Before this, we are accustomed to one of the popular scrambler bike from Kawasaki that is the KLX150S, but this D-Tracker differentiate itself from KLX150S by having smaller tyre for both wheel at 14-inch but with wider profile compared to the KLX150S at 19-inch for the front and 16-inch at the rear.

Another great features is the 5-step adjustable Uni-Track rear suspension to better suits your riding style. Both of the brakes are equipped with single disc brake type with 212mm for the front and 156mm for the rear. If you are still thinking about the intake system of this bike, I can assure you that this bike is still using carburetor or more specific Keihin NCV 24. The 250cc D-Tracker X comes with the fuel injection system with Keihin 34mm single barrel throttle body and I thought this should comes with it too.

Also included is the electric starter for easier startup. One of the reason people like to use scrambler or offroad bike for daily uses is because of the higher strength and higher durability of the chassis and parts of the bikes. This can make the bike last longer than normal moped or automatic bike. You also don’t have to worry with bumps and pothole on the road if you accidentally get into them since this kind of bike are ready to take the abuse. Anyway, it might hurts your butt.

Price for 2012 Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is at RM9,689.00. Check out the specs and more pictures after the jump   Read the rest of this entry »