LS2 Helmets sponsors Hernandez #68 with designs by SLGrafics for MotoGP 2014

LS2 helmet by SLGrafics

LS2 Helmet will be the 2014 helmet for the Spanish rider, Yonny Hernandez, bearing riders number 68. For 2013, Hernandez is with the Pramac Racing riding the Ducati machine. In my opinion, this is a very good move from LS2 to boost the brand reputation and also increase the sales of helmets just like what old saying, “You win on Sunday, you sell on Monday”. Even just by entering the MotoGP sponsorship the LS2 brand itself will be more recognizable and desirable. This is because the MotoGP racing is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing where safety and performance needs no compromise. So, when a rider trust a helmet, users can also trust it since the safety and performance of the helmet should be on par with any other helmet used in the racing. This also boost the R&D department for LS2 to make a better, safer and higher performing helmet for the MotoGP rider and this R&D can trickle down to the road helmet for the end user like us.  Continue reading “LS2 Helmets sponsors Hernandez #68 with designs by SLGrafics for MotoGP 2014”

TT Legends Documentary is Coming to Youtube on 15th January [Video]

TT Legends Simon Andrews IOMTT

The acclaimed TT Legends documentary is to be shown on YouTube for the first time. Originally broadcast on ITV4 in the UK and to be shown on Fox Australia, the documentary follows a team of legendary motorcycle racers as they tackle some of the world’s toughest races, including the Isle of Man TT. The first episode will be available on the HondaProRacing YouTube channel from 15th January 2014. A teaser is available now.

Gaucho Productions was granted exclusive access to the Honda TT Legends team throughout an epic season.  From Japan to Germany and from Le Mans to the Isle of Man, the documentary follows these ordinary men doing extraordinary things.

John McGuinness, nicknamed the ‘The Morecambe Missile’, is an ex-bricklayer and mussel picker from the north of England who has won the legendary Isle of Man TT twenty times.  He is joined in the TT Legends team by Cameron Donald and Simon Andrews. Donald is Australia’s fastest plumber and a two-time winner of the Isle of man TT. Andrews is a fearless young gun who was the fastest newcomer at the TT in 2011. Together they are the TT Legends.

The documentary goes ‘behind the screens’ as the team competes in the World Endurance Championship. The season kicks off with the famous Bol d’Or, a twenty-four hour race at the Magny Cours circuit in France. Then they’re off to Doha, Germany and even Japan for the famous Suzuka 8-Hour before they return to France for the Le Mans 24-hour. Each race brings its own, distinct challenge for the team. In Suzuka, for example, we’ll join McGuinness in an ice bath, a welcome antidote to the searing heat.

These circuit races are accompanied by legendary road races in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. McGuinness is the man to beat on the roads with Donald and Andrews among his toughest rivals. Gaucho Productions were there to witness the contrast, as these friends and teammates now push each other to the limit and beyond.  Continue reading “TT Legends Documentary is Coming to Youtube on 15th January [Video]”

2014 KTM 200 Duke Non ABS launched in Malaysia – RM15,888 (basic price) RM16,798 OTR

2014-KTM-200-Duke-Non-ABS (2)

KTM Malaysia CKD introduced this popular 200c bike in Malaysia with lower price range at RM15,888. The KTM 200 Duke Non ABS as it is named will be more accessible to new rider who are upgrading from their moped to entry-level naked bike. This should a great price considering the 200 Duke can gives out 25hp with a weight of just 129.5kg. That will gives greater power-to-weight ratio compared to other bikes in the same category. It is only 7hp less than the Z250 at 32hp, but that weighs about 168kg.

The brakes are still 300mm for the front with 4-piston caliper and 230mm 1-piston caliper for the rear. The thing that is missing is the ABS. Without the ABS, this means that you can have total control of the bikes braking but you’ll need to learn the threshold braking and cadence braking if you want to take your bike to the limit. 

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2014 SHOEI X-Spirit II Marquez Mt.Melo Full-face Helmet


SHOEI has comes out with 2014 Marquez Mt.Melo #93 in unusual light blue colour. Marc Marquez avatar is known as the ant, but in this helmet, I can’t see the ant anywhere in livery. The one helmet that Marquez always used is the one in red and white with the ant appear in the livery. Anyway, there is the #93 sign on the helmet that shows this road helmet gets the Marquez endorsement.

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