Yamaha SR400 berpengecas lampau oleh Krugger, Belgium – ini mungkin cafe racer terbaik dunia


Fred ‘Krugger’ Bertrand dari Belgium mempersembahkan model modifikasi hasil kerja tangan beliau yang berasaskan model Yamaha SR400.

SR400 merupakan motosikal dengan hanya kapasiti 400cc yang mana mungkin agak kecil berbanding dengan model yang biasa diubahsuai kepada pelumba kafe berkapasiti 500cc hingga 1000cc. Namun, apa yang menarik bagi pelumba kafe Yamaha SR400 ini adalah penggunaan pengecas lampau Aisin yang kecil yang biasa digunakan dalam kereta kompak dari Subaru.    Continue reading “Yamaha SR400 berpengecas lampau oleh Krugger, Belgium – ini mungkin cafe racer terbaik dunia”

2014 Yamaha SR400 – 35 years of heritage

2014-Yamaha-400-SR-EU-Matt-Grey-Studio-001Anyone who was old enough to ride a motorcycle in the 1970s will remember the fanfare that greeted the launch of the original Yamaha SR models. Inspired by the dual purpose XT500 which was launched a few years earlier, the single cylinder SR400 and SR500 were announced in 1978, and went on to become some of Yamaha’s most popular and enduring models.

With their relaxed torque output, slim and agile chassis design and classic styling, the Japanese-market SR400 and European-market SR500 became firm favourites with enthusiasts who were looking for a simple machine that captured the very spirit of sports motorcycling. In many European countries including Germany, Austria and Belgium, groups of SR500 owners formed enthusiasts’ clubs, many of which still run to this day. To underline its appeal, the SR500 went on to win consecutive ‘Moto of the Year’ awards from Germany’s Motorrad magazine – one of the highest circulation motorcycle titles in Europe. During the same period the bike was establishing a cult following in Europe and Japan, with many SR models being handed down from father to son.  Continue reading “2014 Yamaha SR400 – 35 years of heritage”