Honda Vario 125i with ACG System – Super Silent Starter

ACG stands for Alternating Current Generator which is the new electric starter system for Honda Vario 125i or the Honda Click 125i in Thailand. I previously have own Honda Icon 110 which is equipped with the conventional sliding gear mechanism starter system that give a brutal sound every time I hit the ‘START’ button on my bike. The sound sometimes scares my friend who borrowed my bike who thinks that something is wrong with my Icon 110. A silent starter system is something that I really want at that time.  Continue reading “Honda Vario 125i with ACG System – Super Silent Starter”

2012 Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI introduced in Indonesia

This is the bike which carries the all new global engine by Honda. It has been introduced in Thailand recently. The engine are known as eSP engine which is claimed to be powerful, fuel-efficient and fun. In Thailand this bike is known as Honda Click 125i. We have written a detail story about it here.